Hurry Up…

And wait.

And Wait

And Wait.

If there is one thing that I know for sure about me…

I can do.

Ask me to do anything, and I’ll jump at the chance… a bit too much on a few too many occasions (much to the chagrin of my hubby and my sanity… but that’s another story!)

It seems that as times when I am running

and running

and running

God has a way of grabbing me by my hair

and pulling me into the waiting game.

I call it the waiting game, because I am convinced that when He needs a little comic relief, he grabs a few angels over and says, “Hey, wanna see something really funny?  Let’s mess with Jen just a little bit… whatch how crazy we can make her with just a couple of tweaks…”  there is no other way in the world I can explain our blast into parenthood with twins… (that alone provided a whole Heavenly Host of comic relief for a good two years, I’m sure)… but I digress.

The waiting game.

For the past 6 months things have been a wee bit crazy here.  Crazy in both good and bad ways… I have had two books that have been swimming around in my brain for years finally make a launch onto paper and got things really rolling on those.  I got accepted to speak at an upcoming education week… something that has been a dream/goal of mine for years (crazy dream to have, I know!).

And also, making ‘family’ decisions… of whether or not to add to our brood.  (Some days I want another one right now!  Every once in a while, though, I wonder if there is a return policy on the ones we already have…).

So for the past 6 months, I have been going crazy writing, planning, and working like crazy to make everything come together.  (in between cleaning, and cooking, and diaper changing… you get the idea!).

… and finally got my big parts done on the book front – then entered the editing/artisting/graphic designing arena, where I got to hand off my precious manuscript with a kiss and a hug…

and wait.

and wait.

and wait.

And in the mean time, starting down the fertility medication road again… where I get to…

(you guessed it…) wait

and wait

and wait.

And I have learned that I do not like the waiting place.

I do not like it at all!

So as I sit in the final hours, waiting for the final proof from the graphic designer…

Don’t mind me as I pace.

and stress

and wring my hands

and check my email about a bazillion times.

and realize that I am so not a good waiter.

… so, what are you waiting for??

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